Newman Labelling Systems
Newman Labelling Machines
The Newman P200 Labelling Machine

A fully automatic and versatile front and back labelling system with a wide capability including round, square, oval and rectangular containers
Newman P200 Labeling Machine

The Newman P200 is a fully-automatic front-and-back labelling system capable of labelling a wide range of containers with speed and accuracy.

The label head can apply labels to the front, back or both of most shapes of container. The speed of the label head can be adjusted to match customers' production requirements.

The labelling machine comes equipped with a non-contact 'product present' sensor and 'product build back' sensor. The user-friendly 8-way labelling adjustments on the labelling head support ensure that the label is applied precisely on the container. The twin air-controlled nip rollers and stepper motor enable consistently accurate label positioning at speed


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Left or right hand versions
  • Front and back labelling
  • Stepper drive motor
  • Twin air controlled nip rollers
  • Simple container/label change without change parts
  • Siemens PLC
  • Colour display with touch keypad
  • Coder
  • Variable speed twin pitching mechanism
  • Chain/belt alignment mechanism
  • Top hold unit adjustable to size of container
  • After-roll unit for wraparound labelling
  • Low reel detection alarm
spacer spacer
  • Outputs up to 350 c.p.m
  • Fully adjustable machine
  • In Process Control function
  • Compact design

Standard Specifications

Carton size
min 12mm(H) x 20mm(W) x 65mm(L)

max 120mm(H) x 120mm(W) x 240mm(L)
Labels min
10mm (H) x 10mm (L)
Labels max
40mm (H) x 25mm (L)
Max. label reel diameter
Min core diameter

Variable up to 350 CPM
Net weight
420 Kg
Electrical supply
230V-1Ph-50Hz, 1KW (60Hz option)
Compressed air
60psi/4.2 Bar
Noise emission
<75dB @ 1m (subject to container type)