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The Newman Easiplice 470 System

A free-standing unit that enables reel change-overs to take place during production, thereby eliminating downtime
Newman Easiplice 470 System

An aspect of self-adhesive labelling which often gives cause for concern is the loss of production time incurred by label replenishment. Such losses become increasingly significant as machine speeds increase - more frequent reel change-overs result in more production down time.

The Easisplice overcomes this concern by enabling reel change-overs to take place with no interruption to the supply of labels to the label head.

The Easisplice is supplied as a free-standing unit complete with an angled twisting bracket

The Easisplice unit holds two reels of labels - one acts as the current label supply while the other is positioned to facilitate rapid splicing. A microprocessor control unit working in conjunction with photoelectric cells ensures that a constant buffer stock of labels is available in the buffer bin to the labelling machine.

As the current label reel nears its end, a flashing beacon alerts the operator, who triggers the reel to fully dispense into the buffer bin.

The end of the label reel is automatically detected on the splicing table, signaling the Easisplice to stop. The second reel is manually spliced whilst labelling continues using the labels in the buffer bin. Once the splice is made a reset button is activated and uninterrupted labelling continues.


  • Continuous label feed - eliminates production downtime
  • Simple operation
  • Free-standing
  • Compatible with most makes of labelling machine
  • Simple adjustment - no tools required
  • Microprocessor control
  • Stainless steel finish
  • 'Low label reel' audible alarm
  • 'End of label web' flashing beacon
  • Left or right hand versions available
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  • Continuous label feed
  • Manual splicing table
  • Compatible with all makes of labelling machine
  • 470mm diameter label reel capacity

Standard Specifications

Max. label reel diameter

Max. label height
Min core diameter

Up to 64M/Min
Net weight
100 Kg
Electrical supply
230V-1Ph-50Hz, 1KW (60Hz option)
Compressed air
60psi/4.2 Bar
Noise emission
<75dB @ 1m (subject to container type)